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This little piece of heaven belongs to a classic film fantantic who happens to go by the name Gina (Leigh, if you must know). I opened Classic Stardust back in 2004, after I was first introduced to 1939's Gone with the Wind and fell utterly in love with old movies. As I searched the internet for information about the cast and crew who worked on the Civil War epic, I eventually found and came to find quite a few many movie stars that I admired. Much to my surprise, there wasn't that much information available to me that didn't require a PhD, so I created Classic Stardust devoted to the cause. This website has become my hobby, my passion, and my reason for getting up in the morning (most days, that is!), and it has given me a creative outlet to continue on my never-ending quest for all things "classic."

But, what goes up must come down. Classic Stardust was not my first venture into the world wide web. I had a website up and running for perhaps five years revolving around teen queen, Hilary Duff--titled appropriately,, that I ran with an iron fist and complete devotion. I lost sleep for this website, and I wish I was kidding! At the time, I was pretty young, but I've never been one to be involved with sports and etc., so I thought it'd be something different to do. I had a ball with it in my heyday! It was so much fun, I learned a lot from experience with visitors and such, and my graphic skills improved immensely once I saved up and point Jasc's Paint Shop Pro 8. (I still use it to make graphics, if you must know.) By the end of Hilary Tween Queen's run, the website was doing pretty well, (not to toot my own horn) and was getting adequete hits a day. The visitors were due in part to my affiliates, but I also had a teacher who put me on his own website's Google search plan in 2004, so if you were to search for Hilary on, my website would come up.

Once I discovered Gone with the Wind and became fascinated with Old Hollywood, it was all over. I backtracked some eighty-plus years and began to lose interest in Hilary...and it began to show. I would still update to the best of my abilities, but I mostly began to post on my own blog I created on a separate page of the website. Of course, my graphics skills were awful then, but eventually, I decided to open a new website and keep on board with Hilary, completely terrified to give up on my first web-baby. (I can't believe I just said that!)

Classic Stardust opened in August of 2004 and began as a blog. I slowly expanded, keeping Hilary Tween Queen updated/maintained as well, but as the weeks went by, I found it painfully boring to keep up. I was the only person who ever updated, I never had any assistant moderators, and I still had the website open until I realized I needed more space to truly expand Classic Stardust. To pay for a domain name (which is the ".com" address), it was about $25 a year, so I was paying $50 a year to keep both of the websites open. And while that wasn't a problem, more space required an additional $20-something, so I finally pulled the plug on Hilary Tween Queen and closed it down. I'm still heartbroken that I did that, but in reality, I knew the time had come to move on.

I ended up expanding Classic Stardust to what you see today, and I'm constantly trying to add new information and such. (Much easier said than done, I'll admit!) One thing I realized from having one website before this one was that I didn't want a "fansite." I didn't want to end up being stuck with someone I couldn't change in six months, so I have tried to keep a broad range on the people featured throughout the website without showing too much favoritism. Now, though, with 2010 upon us, I have decided to re-open the blog here. If nothing else, I want to educate my visitors about what's going on in classic movie news, and in the process, I hope to create a true Hollywood community. It has always been my goal to teach others about classic Hollywood, so if you should become a frequent visitor, I really and truly hope you'll learn something new every time you visit!

And now that I'm done babbling...

This website is still a work in progress, even after six years, on the web. It is constantly being renovated and improved upon, so please keep checking back!

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