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"Bardelys the Magnificent" - 1926

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"Bardelys the Magnificent" (1926) was thought to be lost, all copies of this movie gone forever. But that all changed in 2004, when in France, one lone copy of this movie was found and restored. Some reels had been lost, however, but luckily, so many photographs of the movie were taken, the scenes were reconstructed using photographs.

"Bardelys" starred John Gilbert in�the title role, who makes a bet with a friend, Chatellerault (played by Roy D'Arcy), who looks a bit like Capta...

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"Night Nurse" - 1931

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So, as I was checking my TCM Guide (Yeah, I'm a TCM whore, what ya gonna do about it!?) last night, I realized "Night Nurse" was going to be on this morning. And while I haven't seen all that much with Barbara Stanwyck, Clark Gable is one of my favorite actors, and sure, he is nice to look at. To wrap this up, I got up this morning to record and watch it at the same time. At seven in the morning. If you haven't discovered it yet, I AM CRAZY about such things.

Basically, "Night N...

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