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Oscars, Oscars, Everywhere

Posted on March 9, 2010 at 12:01 AM

So, I’ve been watching The Academy Awards loyally for the past few years, and I still don’t know why I subject myself to it. They seem to drone on and on—every year just a little longer than the year before, but still, I watch.


Why do I bother?


On one hand, I always hope that one day, I’ll be nominated for an Oscar. I don’t care for what—it could be for “Best Motion Picture Title”! Being in love with film and just writing in general, I think it’s a dream to hold an Oscar that belongs to me. Hey, it could happen, right? It could happen for anyone, as long as they find themselves in the right place, at the right time—and you have talent. Fingers crossed I’ll have both in my lifetime. And once I watch the acceptance speeches, I start to form my own in my head; who I would thank, what I would do, how I would look. I may sound crazy, but I’m sure you guys do the same when you watch the Oscars! And if you don’t, stop watching. Really, you’re not having any fun with it at all.


The Academy Awards is still the biggest honor an individual and/or a movie/documentary can receive in the film industry. It doesn’t seem to matter if no one on the face of the planet has heard of the winning picture, they still WON. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I only saw two of the movies nominated, and I’m not even counting the 10-film nominated “Best Film” category. (Which I still don’t understand—it only worked when the movies were worth it, back in 1943.)


I watch to see who won, and I cheer the actors I love on, while I continue to boo at others I can’t stand. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t seen any of the movies that won, besides Avatar, and I’m not sure if I’d have any desire to see any of the “Best Film” nominees, minus The Blind Side. No one seems to like Sandra Bullock, WHO WON BY THE WAY, for “Best Actress” in a beautiful gown, but I love her and was happy to see that she won. I still adore Meryl Streep, but she gets nominated no matter what she does, so I’m sure she’ll win again.


The biggest problem I see with the Oscars is that most of the films nominated never even came close to me in the theaters. I’m not sure if that happened with everyone else in the U.S., but most of the movies never quite hit the East Coast. Pixar aside, a lot of the movies seem to be for those special types of “artsy” theaters, and really, I’m not sure if I’d want to sit through them. I always imagine the people voting for the winners as old men with no idea as to what the public wants. Sometimes they’re right, while most of the time, I feel as though they’re wrong. I realize that the members are all in the motion picture industry in some aspect or another, and actually, aren’t too gray, but it seems like they don’t know what they’re doing. Why don’t they have some regular people go in and vote themselves, rather than have it be this elite club? Doesn’t the public’s opinion count for anything anymore? After all, we are the ones who shell out our money to see these movies, so why can’t some of the voting, in some way, be public? I may be thinking of something that could actually blow up the Academy Awards, but I feel like it would bring viewers in and make them more attached to their picks. If it works for American Idol, why not the Oscars? Millions of people vote every week for their Idol, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t do the same for their favorite stars.


And I have to complain about the hosts! I just have to. They were dull. I would describe them more, but that’s all I can say. The writing was lacking, really. I don’t dislike Steve Martin, he’s okay, but since when is Alec Baldwin qualified to host anything? What, what is that, exactly? I really can’t stand him and I think he’s just obnoxious. His whole, “I’m better than all of you!” attitude really turns me off. Imagine my surprise when I saw Baldwin on TCM with Robert Osborne (I love this man!) on this past Saturday night’s “The Essentials.” Why can’t they just leave R.O. alone? He’s perfectly capable of doing this thing by himself, he’s more than qualified! Why he wasn’t invited to host the Oscars, I don’t know. Maybe he’s not in with the younger crowd, but neither are the two actual hosts. I think someone needs to start a fan-club for Robert—and really, I would’ve much rather have seen him than Miley Cyrus, even if he just presented an award.


I was surprised that it took 82 years for a woman to win Best Director, too! I’ve never even heard of Kathryn Bigelow, until I found out she had once been married to James Cameron, and then about this little movie she made when Oscar Season got closer. If nothing else, it was worth sitting through the whole ceremony to see her win and to see Jim’s face when she was announced as “Best Director”—because they placed him strategically on end caps, Kathryn in front of him. I laughed so hard with the set-up, because you knew that it was done on purpose! But she was very humble and really shocked, and the movie’s screenwriter had to hold onto her by the arm to keep her on the stage. It looked like she was getting ready to flee, which I thought was very sweet.


So, will I watch next year? Probably. Why? Besides the fact that I still would love to be nominated one day, TCM reminds me for a full month that the Oscars will soon be on, and that until its aired, Silent Sunday won’t be back…I get slapped every week to remember when this is on television.


Then as I watch, I wonder what it must be like sitting in the audience. I hope it’s ten times better than the show at home, because its awful! And really, now I just watch for the gowns, because yes, actually, I am that shallow.


Until I’m nominated, though, I’ll have to settle for a chair in my den and watch it on my television, in something a little more comfortable than a full-length evening gown known as PJs. I’m still hoping to one day be nominated—or at least one day have a chance to sit in the same room as some of my favorite people.

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