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It's only right to credit your sources and I (Gina, the webmaster) thought it would be best to merely make a bibliography page than have credits over and over on every page! I have taken an enormous time scanning magazines, books, you name it--I probably have scanned it! Below are all of my sources (I hope, anyway!) to all the information, photographs, etc. that are posted here at I do make an honest effort to keep my sources written down somewhere so I don't forget anything, but I am human and I do make mistakes. Please e-mail me at if you have any concerns regarding any photograph(s)/information, or if I took a source that you originally posted and don't see your due credit. As for graphics, please check out the "Current Layout" page for that information--it was becoming too lengthy to fit on one page.

Do not that do NOT own any copyrights to these images, but I did take the time to scan them and show them to to the world, hence the tags on the images. Unless an image was taken from another website, they are credited and the image in question remains in the same state in which I found it.



- By Myself and Then Some, written by Lauren Bacall

- Bombshell:  The Life and Death of Jean Harlow, written by David Stenn

- Cooking in Oz, written by Elaine Willingham and Steve Cox

- Hollywood Dogs, edited by J.C. Suarès

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- Kisses, written by Lena Tabori

- Lovers, written by Linda Sunshine

- Platinum Girl: The Life and Legends of Jean Harlow, written by Eve Golden

- The Films of Clark Gable, written by Gabe Essoe

The Films of Jean Harlow, written by Michael Conway & Mark Ricci

- The MGM Story : The Complete History of Fifty Roaring Years, written by John Douglas Eames

The Wizard of Oz: The Official 50th Anniversary Pictorial History, written by John Fricke, Jay Scarfone, & William Stillman

You Must Remember This: The Warner Bros. Story, written by Richard Schickel & George Perry



- Modern Screen (from 1947, actual vintage!)

- True Story, Remember When: "Classic Hollywood Legends"

- True Story, Remember When: "Classic Hollywood Legends -- Vol. II"

- True Story, Remember When: "Classic Hollywood Legends -- Vol. III"



- American Vintage Blues

- I Love Asta: The Official Fan Site of Asta the Dog

- Lassie: The Official Site of The World's Most Famous Dog

- National Film Preservation Foundation

- Rin Tin Tin: The World's Most Famous German Shepherd Dog


- Technicolor

- The Lassie Network

- Turner Classic Movies

- Wikipedia


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