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Disclaimer. was orginated in the year 2004 by Gina Stabilo and is a non-commercial, non-profit website dedicated to classic Hollywood and their stars. This website is to teach others about the orgins of Hollywood and the many stars that helped create the movies that are still shown today. This operates under the "fair use" doctrine, sections 107 through 120 of the Copyright Act (Title 17, United States Code), which allows the reproduction for criticism, comment, research, news reporting, educational use, etc. Copyright is still maintained to their original owners and may not be duplicated for profit.

Now, as you may see scattered throughout this website are multiple photographs that happen to be tagged with the website's name on them. Some are tagged (such as film scenes and studio logos) since I, Gina Stabilo, took the screencapture myself with my recorded films that I taped off of television. The logos and the films themselves do not belong to me, just the particular copy of the image does. In other cases with much larger photographs, such as scans, they are also tagged. This is merely because Gina, also known as me, scanned them myself. Yet again, the photographs themselves do not belong to me. No copyright infringement is intended. If you think I am somhow infringing your own copyright laws on a particular image, feel free to e-mail me at:

Just to be clear: I am not making a profit off of this website, it is purely for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of other film fanatics like myself.


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